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Is there any way to change the font in the menus with these new themes? ... Older Device Themes. forum

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    Font with themes


    Is there any way to change the font in the menus with these new themes? I like the casual font and even when i change it, nothing happens in the messages or the options menu... Anyone?

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    Re: Font with themes

    some of the new themes (seems those created with the Plazmic theme builder) font changes don't affect the menu and only the actual messages etc.

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    Re: Font with themes

    haha...i was thinking the exact same thing! and i tried downloading all the stuff to make my own and i missed something and things weren't working and well...i gave up! i just find the theme's with the font and color scheme i like and then just change the wallpaper.

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    Re: Font with themes

    rookie1082, Welcome to PinStack.

    As Hayden said, some of the PTB Themes menus don't follow the selection in the Screen/Keyboard options. But you can create your own themes and set the font for each of the menus to what you want. It's not really that hard once you get all the required software installed and it can be quite rewarding, having a unique theme that you designed an built yourself.

    Check out This Thread. And be sure to read the stickies in the Software and Theme Development Forum

    Hope this Helps
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    Re: Font with themes

    Hello rookie, welcome to pinstack. Also what you can do is contact the creator of the theme and ask them nicely if they can change the font to what you want. I wouldnt mind if someone enjoyed my themes and requested new font.

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