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    7130c - user opinion


    Posted on Cnet by SlotheadSlim
    Excellent phone, fabulous integration with my company's Exchange server, top notch screen, SureType works well, very small and pocketable

    Smaller screen than my old Palm so it's more work to view some emails/documents, sparse multimedia, no support for external storage such as SD cards

    Full user opinion
    I moved from a Palm T-3 and a Motorola V710 to the BlackBerry 7130C and haven't looked back. I had been looking at the Treo 700P and the Motorola Q. The interface on the Q with Windows Mobile 5.0 wasn't that impressive (slow and more difficult to manage, can't cut and paste text, can't edit tasks, no true push email) and I didn't want the size of the Treo though I knew I could move to it easily. The 7130C has turned out to be great. It's very small, light and easy to use with great features. I downloaded the manual for the BlackBerry and the manual for the Q to compare the email capabilites and there was no contest. The BlackBerry blew the Q out of the water. To be honest the Q has more multimedia capabilities (stereo speakers, MP3 player, voiced dialing and camera) but if those aren't that important to you and you are buying a tool to get work done this is it. I never want to go back. The only thing I miss is having an SD slot to store music but I usually take my laptop if I travel anyway which has a lot of .MP3 files so not a big loss to me. Since the 7130C syncs with Outlook regularly your most critical data is backed up (phone numbers, addresses, tasks, calendar and email) all of the time. It was fairly painless to work with my IT group to setup my BlackBerry for sync with my company's corporate Exchange server.

    I was really concerned I'd lose the phone quality of my old Motorola since I was on Verizon with CDMA and I've hated every GSM phone I've ever owed (I've had Cingular in the past, T-Mobile and now Verizon - with CDMA). I bought the BlackBerry and the phone reception and signal strength has been great with Cingular. I hardly notice any difference and the sound quality is excellent. I needed a world phone since I'll be travelling overseas and this will be a great choice when I head to Europe in a few weeks.

    BlackBerry's integration with Exchange is fantastic, it's just like having the features of Outlook in your hand. I can lookup email addresses from my company's corporate address book and not store them on my phone. I can setup meeting invites or accept meeting notifications without ever touching my laptop and my calendar on my BlackBerry and in Outlook are synced automatically. The web browsing is really good (I was in Manhattan his weekend and used it a lot to get information while sightseeing. Also with BlackBerry Enterprise Server I can surf the pages in my company's intranet). I downloaded the free Google Map application to get step by step driving directions with tradition and satellite map photos which was unbelievable. I love the wireless sync between the BlackBerry and Outlook, it's really seamless. The message notification options for when you've recieved messages or phone calls using the LED on the top of the 7130c are very extensive. You can just look at the device to see you've got something to attend to.

    I was sceptical of the SureType technology but it really does learn the words you type in. After a few days I was typing very fast. I don't miss writing Graffiti letter on my old Palm and for me I don't miss the touch screen.

    As far as the smaller screeen goes (when compared to the Palm) the quality is excellent. I wouldn't want to read a book on it but emails are fine as well as scheduling. Also you can adjust the fonts.

    After having the 7130C for a week I highly recommend it.

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    Re: 7130c - user opinion

    Thank you for this hydn. This really seems like a top of the line BlackBerry.

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    Re: 7130c - user opinion

    I concur, I just upgraded my service with cingular to do BB, I also happen to be of the opinion that phones are getting a bit too cluttered, I am one of those that misses the days where phones didn't have cameras, and built in mp3 players... if I need to take a picture, I have a perfectly servicable digital camera, if I want to listen to music I have an ipod... I want to make a call, or text... I now have my 7130c... I love the fact that it doesn't pretend to be anything but a communications device, which is what it should be IMHO

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    Re: 7130c - user opinion

    travlinman, Welcome to PinStack.

    Let us know if there is anything we can do to help with your BB.

    You Ask, We Will Answer
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    Re: 7130c - user opinion


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    Re: 7130c - user opinion

    agree 100% Everything this BB does and is represents top-notch product.

    I wonder if this is the best blackberry ever? Someone should do a poll.

    It does have the highest ratings on CNET out of all the BB series.

    Gtalk, Pushmail, Piconews, FT news, BB weather, GoogleMaps and the 7130c changed my life. Forever.
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