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Well, I found a champloo theme a while ago and although I liked it, my ... Older Device Themes. forum

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    Lightbulb 7100 Samurai Champloo Theme


    Well, I found a champloo theme a while ago and although I liked it, my battery power drained like a rock down a deep well... that and I am not terribly fond of the icon style layout so it convinced me to keep searching... well, finding another was near impossible (by near, I mean I couldn't find one..).
    So, I decided to make my own..
    Its List style.
    Most of the Icons were custom made by myself.. (those that there are, since its..well, list style, hah!)
    The few that aren't I found on google image search, couldn't actually find any author to credit...
    Backgrounds were again, google image searched... again, couldnt find authors to credit. =(

    Well, I would present it for those of you that want it, but it seems I cannot only not upload or use the built in link picture feature and since I'm new here I cannot post html links... anyways, if anyone wants it, I'll be glad to share, so either PM or post and we'll see what we can do?

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    Re: 7100 Samurai Champloo Theme

    Thanks for the offer Shade. I'm sure that there are some 7100 users that will appreciate the theme.

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