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On any custom theme I try to ask the requester what icons they want locked ... 87xx Themes forum

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    On any custom theme I try to ask the requester what icons they want locked in on the home screen, if they want the option then zen it is. I remember cherri talking about those most popular icons, and I try to follow the same guidelines, although I don't throw in the call log much

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    I just made a 4.5 Beijing Olympics theme and I choose Zen instead of custom and found out that you can change the wallpaper and the icons. COOL!

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the only theme that you can't change icon placement is the custom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherrichiodo View Post
    jonecat, you can turn OFF dial from homescreen (from the call log menu/go to options/general -- i think, sorry i have the pearl right now)

    once you turn that off, then scroll thru the icons and pay attention to the app name at the bottom. for whatever app you are on, the letter UNDERLINED is the shortcut. i LOVE them and use them religiously. but i also have these apps on my homescreen too ... except for call log, i DO think that one is redundant.
    A little off topic but I never knew you could do that! Thanks for inadvertent tip.

    As for many icons being preset I agree this is weak! I think all today themes should become today+ themes. Or be able to change at least one or two of the preassigned apps. Like if you have a newer pearl and you unlock the vendor themes, Orange has a today theme that uses the browser on the bottom row as opposed to applications. Just makes more sense.

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