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I was sent this a long time ago and just ran across it again. I ... 87xx Themes forum

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    New wallpaper site


    I was sent this a long time ago and just ran across it again. I thought you folks that make themes might be able to use it. You can pull up just about any pic and have it sized for you. It also works for just plain wallpapers. And best of all, its FREE. Here is the link.

    It will work with regular cell phones as well. It has a section you can set your preferences. Such as wallpaper size that you want.

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    Re: New wallpaper site

    Pretty cool JJ, thanks for the link!
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    Re: New wallpaper site

    Thanks for the site, this is my 1st blackberry and I'm loving it already. Now I see why so many business peeple use this instead of treo's.

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