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    Can you edit existing themes? (Request)


    I found a theme that I love.. but there's a few things wrong with it that I just wish I could change.

    I love everything except the Logo of BlackBerry Bold, reason being is that it sticks up above the menu items on the main screen. When you scroll down through the main list (Not the full application list, it stays underneath there) the words go underneath the Blackberry Bold logo.. I wish it was just gone completely.

    Also the text is a bit dark and hard to read, I feel that could be improved while maintaining the color scheme.

    Anyway.. is it even possible? Im like so close to the perfect theme.

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    You would have to have all of the theme building software on your computer and you would need to have the original .thm file from the theme's creator. Most theme designers will not give those out, but you could try asking them. Or some theme designers will make adjustments per request, some for free and others for a small fee.
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