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First, thanks to Roger and Seidio for the opportunity to review this case. The DILEX™ ... Product and Application Reviews forum

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    Seidio Dilex Review for HTC One M8


    First, thanks to Roger and Seidio for the opportunity to review this case.

    The DILEX™ with Metal Kickstand case is a light, protective companion for smart devices on the go. It provides shock absorbing protection with two interlocking layers in a thin case for your HTC One (M8).

    The design and materials in the plastic and silicone provide users with improved device grip, while the rubberized coating on the exoskeleton makes it easy to slip the case in and out of a pocket or purse.

    The built-in metal kickstand can be used in landscape orientation for a hands free experience when viewing multimedia, managing photo slideshows, and displaying clocks and calendars. DILEX™ with Metal Kickstand does not support device in portrait orientation.

    - Overall thickness of only 2.2 mm
    - Magnetic kickstand provides convenience by easily snapping back in when not in use
    - The interior casing is made of highly durable yet compact and lightweight polymer to absorb shock
    - Arachnid design of the exoskeleton gives your device extra protection at the most vulnerable spots
    - All controls and ports remain fully accessible and functional while in the case
    The Dilex is a hybrid case, a silicon sleeve that fits snuggly around the device and a hard plastic shell that snaps over that. The idea is to absorb shock while providing a stylish appearance.
    My case came in red and black. The sleeve surrounds the device nicely and has indentions for the shell that snaps on to it. It has ridged areas that provide extra grip as well as a distinct stylized look.

    The shell that snaps on over it has a smooth, maybe slightly textured finish that looks a little metallic. Included on the Dilex is a metal kickstand. A neat and welcome feature is the magnet that is used to keep the kickstand closed. It clicks into place and stays put.

    The case adds a little bit of bulk to an already heavy device, and I find this welcome. Ports are expoaed, and headphones as well as the micro USB charger fit with no issues. I tried several different chargers and headphones with no problems at all. The only notable exception is the M8's power button is covered. The M8 has an IR blaster located within the power button and when in the case it is unusable. Not a deal breaker, but worthy of noting.

    Camera cutouts are dead on as is the one for the rear mic. Pictures were unaffected as was sound while recording movies. Volume buttons are covered and responsive, feeling solid.

    I found the fit and finish up to usual Seidio standards, nicely done and felt like it was worth the asking price. The kickstand is solid enough to hold up the device in landscape but not in portrait. To be fair Seidio recognizes this and informs you through the included documentation.

    The case slides in and out of the pocket easily enough, but leave the skinny jeans at home. I have to say it adds enough bulk to kick it out of the slim case category but not into the relm of Extreme Duty cases like its competition Otterbox. That's not a bad thing at all.

    The holster is a holster. Solid, holds the phone snuggly. Not much else to say. Does make everything Roger Huge* and heavy.

    Overall I can safely recommend this case if you're looking for above average protection with a bit of style thrown in.


    *Roger Huge, adj (Ro-ger Hu-ge) A smartphone case having the properties of a brick, I.e. weight and size. Able to withstand a small thermonuclear detonation.

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    Somehow I have a dejá-vu type of feeling here...

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    On what colors does it go with?

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