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A couple of new products from Seidio have found their way into our hot little ... Product and Application Reviews forum

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    REVIEW: Seidio LEDGER View with Metal Kickstand for Note 3


    A couple of new products from Seidio have found their way into our hot little hands. Today’s episode will feature the Seidio LEDGER View with Metal Kickstand, which is a “flip case designed for those that desire protection and functionality without sacrificing the aesthetic look of their device.”

    The LEDGER features a view window which allows you to view alerts and other vital information, as well as answer phone calls. The flip cover is made from Italian Polyurethane and has a cloth-like texture which is available in Dark Gray and the Red you see here in this review. Can’t quite put my finger on why, but I personally don’t care for the feel of this material. The inside of the flip cover is a soft microfiber material that protects the screen and contains an internal magnet that activates the device’s sleeper function by turning screen off when the cover is closed. The device automatically awakens when you open the cover.


    I think you can notice this from the pictures, but the cover doesn’t quite sit right over the front of my device, so the sleep mechanism tended to act a little flaky if I moved my device around some. The display would change back and forth from sleep mode to view mode at the slightest movement. I had to move on to another product review, so I haven’t used the LEDGER since, but perhaps the cover will settle in over time and adjust to sit properly over the screen once I start using it again. Also, the view window has some noticeable scratches. The outer portion was covered with a protector upon arrival, and I’m pretty sure there was also protection on the inside of the case, I’m not sure how they got there, but the scratches were on the inside of the view window.

    You’ll notice that there are cutouts at the top of cover for the LED indicator and the speaker. That’s obviously so you can see your message indicator and to make the phone usable with the cover closed. The view window will come to life with notification of a phone call or any other such notification you may have set, but otherwise the cover keeps the device asleep to conserve your battery life.


    The LEDGER is not unlike the flip cover Samung sells, but among the extra features it has over the Samsung cover, it comes with the Metal Kickstand Seidio has implemented in many of its cases the past few years. This feature is almost a necessity when it comes to today’s larger devices. Definitely beats trying to prop the device up on something to watch a YouTube video or scroll through your favorite social media app.


    The LEDGER snaps in place in lieu of the device’s battery cover. You can see the cutouts for the camera and side buttons, as well as the openness on the top and bottom for access to the ports, pen and such.

    Speaking of ports, this has been a pet peeve of mine with other cases that I’m not sure I’ve mentioned before. While maybe not entirely perfect, you can tell Seidio puts a lot of thought into the design of its cases. If you’re like me, I’m sure you have a favorite headset or set of earbuds that you use constantly. I can’t tell you how annoying it is when the jack won’t go into the device’s headphone port because the case manufacturer didn’t make the cutout large enough to accommodate aftermarket headsets. I don’t care to change my cases very often once I have it on the device, so I find it irritating to have to do so in order to use my favorite headset. Thank you, Seidio for getting that little design spec right!

    Seidio makes a windowless version of the LEDGER (also with a kickstand) that also comes in Dark Gray and Red, retailing for $39.95, while the LEDGER View retails for $49.95. Hop on over to the Seidio website for more information on the LEDGER Series, or to see what else might be available for your Note 3 or whatever device you might have!

    Thanks again, Seidio for your great products and all the support over the years!
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    Very nice Rog. Perfect timing too...
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