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The Kommandant case is a slick looking all aluminum case for your S4. They're also ... Product and Application Reviews forum

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    REVIEW:Casefanatic Kommandant Ultra Thin Aluminium Metal case for Galaxy S4


    The Kommandant case is a slick looking all aluminum case for your S4. They're also available for the Nexus 4. It is available in several different colors and you can choose which color you want for the back and for the bumper. Mix and match as you please. You can also choose as to whether you want the logo on the front,side or both. The S4 version will set you back $59.26 while the Nexus version is $46.28. For me the case really does give the S4 the look and feel of a big iphone.
    Now for the goods and bads...

    The GOODS:
    1. The case looks great. The edges are chamfered and are really well made. The edges are silver and give a nice contrasting look to the color of the case,I have the black on black version.
    2. The case has a really solid feel (with an exception I'll cover below). For those of you who don't like the "cheap" feel of the plastics on the S4 this might be what you're looking for. The thickness only adds 1.1 mm to the phone so it's still nice and slim.
    3. The aluminum is sandblasted and the colors are added using a chemical treatment so they say it will not fade and is scratch resistant.
    4. It comes with your choice color button sticker. I got the black case so I didn't even try a sticker on my home button. For those of you choosing a different colored case this might be a nice addition.
    5. The cutouts are nice and precise and the side buttons are covered with silver aluminum buttons. The volume buttons are separate like the iphone instead of the rocker switch.

    The BADS:
    1. The case is metal so you will lose about 1 bar of reception. This might not be a problem for those using the phone in urban areas with a solid signal but for me,who works on the road and in rural areas, this was an issue.
    2. Since the case is metal the NFC will not work as well. For me,and probably for you, this was a non issue.
    3. I noted above that the case has a real solid feel. It does until you shake it. When I shook the phone I could feel a small wiggle between the case and phone. This was barely noticeable and could probably be remedied by placing a small piece of paper between the case and the back of the phone.
    4. The case is secured by two tiny screws at the bottom of the case. The case comes with a tiny screw driver and an extra set of screws in case you lose one of them. It's not hard to install but is an inconvenience if you're a case swapper or if you want to change the battery.

    All in all I loved the look and feel of the case but the signal loss was a deal killer for me. As I said above I travel into some weak signal areas on a daily basis and a weaker signal is just not acceptable for me. Also when in weaker signal areas I would lose signal completely which in turn would use more battery...running into the tiny screws and battery swap issue. I might use this hot looking case on weekends some when I'm in a strong signal area and close to a charger but for everyday use it won't work for me.

    I didn't post any pictures. You can see the pictures on the web site and they are a lot better than what I could post.

    If anyone is interested in my case send me a PM and I will pass it on to you for what I have in it.
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    Nice review, T, thanks. Love the look of this case.

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    Nice one Cats...

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