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It's been 11 days since i received my nexus in the mail. i wanted to ... Product and Application Reviews forum

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    My Nexus One Review


    It's been 11 days since i received my nexus in the mail. i wanted to give it at least this long so that could get used to the device and how it works. Coming from a BB and an iPhone there was a lot that i was expecting from the Android system and its (what I would consider) Flagship Device.

    When I first received it the first thing that you will notice is that the screen is hands down the best on the market. There are some slight downsides to this screen however. One thing is that in direct sunlight it can be bit difficult to see clearly. holding it next to my iPhone you can really see the difference in visibility in direct sunlight(no shadows, no clouds, bright day at 1:00 pm). Now, in these conditions the iPhone was still a little tough to see also so its not like the iphone was head and shoulders above just that its the nature off the screen type. There are some slight pixillation(grainy)to it when you hold it close up, at normal viewing distance its as smooth as silk. Those are the only drawbacks to this screen and the pixillation is not really a drawback just something i noticed(it has to be in your face to see it). absolutely beautiful screen, would gladly give up a little visibility in direct sunlight to get the picture quality.

    The phone feels great in hand, it makes the iphone feel dated to me. the teflon coating is awesome. i love the feel of it. Its slim,sleek, and just feels good it the hand. Although the weight is about the same as my iphone this one feels more balanced.
    Once turned on you notice that you have five home screens and a slew of options to make each one different and purposeful for you. I love the customization of Android, it seems as if it brings BB and Apple together with extras on top. I have right screen business with bookmarks, individual contact widgets for the most contacted people, and others that pertain to what i need. I really like the contact widget as it gives me all the options for that contact with one touch.

    The touch of the screen is on par with the iphone but nothing that is over the top better. if anything i would say that the sensitivity and accuracy of the iphone is slightly and only very slightly better. There are time s when you touch the screen to select something and it doesn't respond so you have to touch it again but this isn't an every time occurrence, i would say 1 of 75. one thing that i do not like is the fact that you can only wake it up by touching the top button, this annoys me a little, i would like to use the track ball to do this and i read that there is an app but i haven't downloaded it yet. the home row of buttons respond well but you have to touch just above the icon to get it to register your input. All and all, very happy.

    Speed, speed and more speed, this thing is fast. it performs any task that you through at it lightning quick. the browser is great also; the first day i was missing multi touch but after day three i didn't at all. i actually like the how it works better than multi touch. i've used the dolphin browser that has multi touch and it works great. But i reverted back to the native one after one day of use with.

    Apps, good selection, i hear alot of people that are writing the reviews complaining that the iphone has more apps, True but i think were seeing the market grow at a faster pace now. The selection is great in my opinion and is only getting better.

    Sound quality, the speaker is ok, not my BOLDS speaker but not as bad as the iphone. I will say that the quality of the speaker is decent for media but not that great on speakerphone. distorts a little when on high volume but you can still make out what the person is saying. For media its good, not BB quality but not bad at all either. the phone rings loud enough i guess. i'm use to my BB and this was major compliant with and the iphone, the thing just doesn't ring loud enough. tis ones rings ok, i still would like a louder ringer. the vibration is good, enough that you can feel it. On par with my other devices. The quality of the call is great, I have purposefully been in a loud environment to test the call from the other parties view and without a doubt it works better than the BB or iPhone. i tested in the same environment to the same person on a Iphone,BB 9000, and the nexus. when i was on the nexus the person said that they could tell something was in the background but it did not effect the sound or clarity of me talking. i had to talk louder on the iphone and BB to get them to hear me. That said, as good as the technology is with the 2 mics it does no good if i cant hear in the same environment. it was still better than my iphone but my 9000 i could turn the volume down some and still hear fine.

    The trackball is a nice feature and i only really have used it the last week to put the cursor where i need in text. i can usually tap the screen to get it where i want but there are times when i get one or two characters over and just use the trackball right quick to get it where i want it. other than that i haven't even touched it.

    The keyboard, well, its good and it isn't, I don't have a problem with typing on it and i'm almost as quick as on my iphone and BB but not there yet. The word suggestion is ok although i don't think it matches the iphone yet. i do like the fact that shows me different options right away with just a few characters entered and it usually after the third character gets the word correct that your looking for but you can scroll to the right to find it if you choose. i need a little more time to get used to it but i have a feeling that in a month i will be just as fast and accurate as on the iphone and BOLD.

    Speech recognition is great on this phone, you wont be tying papers or long emails but sending a quick text it does great. it understands me 95% of the time with a ten-twelve word input. it also learns which is nice so i can only seeing it get better with time.

    Battery life, I know this is a big one. if your looking to get BB 9700 life you're out of luck. It does outlast my iphone by a good 2 hours. Not great but very useable, also it looks like siedio is working on an extended battery and a longer lasting stock fit battery so there seem to be a couple of options on the way.

    Camera and video, its good, better than my bb and iphone. My friend has a 3Gs and i though that the colors were a little better with it. In low light though it does great.

    In closing, this phone is great, it has become my main device. i love the customization of this system and i only see it getting better. the phone build is of the highest quality and feels great in hand. there are a few things that i would like to see better but over all i think this is the best device on the market. Is it the iphone killer, no. I don't like that term as i think the nexus wouldn't be where it is without the iphone. it is a step above the iphone i think though. Much like the teacher that has gotten surpassed by the student. i am very happy with it. There do seem to be some issues with holding on to 3G but i haven't experienced an issue yet. i do occasionally drop to EDGE for a minute but that is very rare. Also the hand off between WiFi and cell could use a little work, if your in the middle of loading a page and you walk outside wifi coverage you may get a error saying that it couldn't load the page. sometimes it's smooth but other times it's not. Im sure with updates these things will get better. I have to say that i haven't picked up my 9000 except for to do testing against it. I don't miss my BB at all. So RIM, come get me back. Apple, i cant wait for the 4th Gen.!
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    Excellent review. It definately sounds like what it was billed to be. Im going to try my first iPhone (3Gs) next Wed. with an AT&T upgrade, and if what's been reported is true, maybe AT&T will have the Nexus by my next upgrade in July. Thanks for the review!
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    Great Stuff, thanks for the review. I'm sure the phone will catch a Wave soon and be popular throughout twenty ten
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    Good stuff there BHP. Thanks for your insights!
    In my opinion the Nexus is a process in development,muçh in the same way as the Android OS.
    Regardíng the hardware, your descriptions reminds me of my short experięnce with the HTC HD Windows Mobile. Enough to say the Nexus is a revamped (OS) and refúrbished version of the HTC HD.
    Thanks very much !

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    Glad you're enjoying your Nexus One! Thanks for the review!
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    Good comprehensive review. Enjoy your new device.

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    Nice review! I think that you being a user of BOTH Blackberry and iPhone previously contributes to this well rounded review. Keep us updated on how it goes.
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    Well balanced review. Please keeps us updated.

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    Very nice review thanks a lot. I was waiting for one for the Nexus One. Like Hayden said you have used a BlackBerry and iPhone before so that helped make it a fair one.

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    Thanks for the Review, my only real concern with the Nexus, is it smaller than the Droid, because honestly the Droid like the Bold (9000, not the Baby Bold 9700) feels very comfortable in my hand, the IPhone only past that test with some type of case on.

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    Very good review. Android is an awesome os. I just switched back to a BB from the Droid. For some reason the keyboard on the droid really hurt my wrist when I typed on it. May be due to the wide size and holding it. I'm back on a new Tour and it does feel more comfortable for me. We'll see if Verizon picks that up or an iphone for that matter.

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    LOL You sound like me. I just came back after a stint on my SK3. However, it won't be the Nexus I get. It will probably be the HTC Touch Pro 2, SK LX 09, or the MyTouch 3G.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjSmooth View Post
    Thanks for the Review, my only real concern with the Nexus, is it smaller than the Droid, because honestly the Droid like the Bold (9000, not the Baby Bold 9700) feels very comfortable in my hand, the IPhone only past that test with some type of case on.
    I feel its most likely going to be the same for you with the nexus.
    Its very sleek and if the iPhone only felt good to you with a case on it then the nexus will definatly need one for you.
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    QUESTION: first off, Thanks for the great review! I was wondering how the integration with Google Apps works. My company switched to a google apps server and gave me a google sync program to load onto my bb 8900. Problem is that they also gave us a google sync program for our office computer for use with out MS Outlook. These dueling sync programs result in massive duplications to the master database which sits on a google server somewhere.
    So... Does the Nexus 1 work the same way? (Like a google sync?) Or does it use google like a data store?

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    Thanks for the review!
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