I just got an 8130 and am still figuring some stuff out, but am making progress. I have my BDM setup to sync addresses and notes to my Yahoo account. Generally, this works great. However, I notice the following: If I add a contact to the BB & enter a birthday for the contact, it sends the birthday information to Yahoo no problem. However, if I create the contact in Yahoo and enter a birthday, it does not make it onto the BB when I sync. I've checked the mapping, and it shows "birthday" on the BB mapped to "birthdate" in Yahoo. Interestingly, on the screen, the Yahoo field is actually called "birthday." So, it works one way, but not the other.

Anyway, has anybody else who syncs with Yahoo noticed this, and if so, did you find a resolution? I went on the Blackberry website but could not find a way to email a technical support question without paying for it.

Thanks very much - Jevid