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ok people im here to save the day ..u really can get aim and yahoo ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Re: Yahoo Messenger Error


    ok people im here to save the day ..u really can get aim and yahoo this is for people with cingular blackberry curve and people its right in front of ur face took me a day to figure it out and diff things... so here is what u have to do ... from urhand held go to ur media net click on mail and messaging then click on mobile im u will have to download it. and it pops right up on ur phone...its that simple..and it works im using it as i type u this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbpearlrox
    hi everyone, i have a question regarding an error im receiving on my pearl when using yahoo messenger.

    okay first i downloaded yahoo messenger and signed onto it which was successful.

    then i went onto my PC where i have msn hotmail, and added my pearl yahoo email in inorder to add the contact.

    once i did that, it shows that my yahoo messenger is "offline" even though im still signed on, on my phone.

    when i send a IM message to my Yahoo Messenger, i receive a SystemAdmin message stating:
    "your contact is using windows live (MSN) Messenger, and wants to add you to his or her Messenger list. TO start sharing instant messages, you'll first need to get the latest yahoo! messenger with voice at:

    when i go to this link on my phone, i get an error stating:
    "unsupported media type:application/octect-stream"

    i believe this is due to the "voice messenging" that is tied in with this messenger they want me to download.

    is there a fix to this? i would like to use this so that it does not charge me for SMS text but rather for my Data plan as i added it to my plan.

    Well, I don't think that you will be able to combine MSN with yahoo. And the Link is that you can record a voice message that can played with MSN.


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    Re: Yahoo Messenger Error

    hey, ive got a solution. you can go to att's medianet and get it from there. log on to medianet from your blackberry. then go to mail & messaging. then go to mobile IM. download OZ instant messaging. you might need to reboot for full installation. and thts it. it also comes with msn and aol ims. enjoy.

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