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How many of you recieved your Pearl, rushed home, installed the software on your 64 ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    XP/Vista x64 Users


    How many of you recieved your Pearl, rushed home, installed the software on your 64 bit system only to discover that Windows wouldn't install the correct driver to access it via the USB cable. 10 hours of searching forums and googling later your scratching your head at 3 am that a leading edge innovator of PDA technologies hasn't themselves kept up with the leading edge of 64 bit hardware/software technology... blew my mind.

    How many of us are there using a 64 bit version of XP or Vista out there? I'm thinking if we collected enough names of owners and sent it to RIM they might see that there is a community out there that cannot sync easily with their Pearl.

    I'm hoping that instead of getting a canned answer when we send our inquiries one at a time, that RIM might be more inclined to listen if say 100 names were on one inquiry. I hope there are enough of us 64 bit users out there to make this feasible and pray it makes a difference.

    Perhaps someone knows of an electronic way to create a petition and would post a link? Or as I understand it its not just us 8100 Pearl users experiencing this problem (maybe I should have searched outside this particular models forum during my investigation). Maybe a Moderator a little more familiar with the entire forum structure could move this to a location available to all users if such a thread doesn't already exist?

    Please attach your name to this if you require 64 bit drivers.

    I'll hand deliver the message to RIM in Halifax myself if I have to

    Thank you,

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    Re: XP/Vista x64 Users

    I have one of the new athalon 64-bit, however I have not upgraded to Vista or XP x64 because I think they both still need a lot of work :P!

    Let me know if you find a solution, for when I do upgrade!

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    Re: XP/Vista x64 Users

    I have the vista 64 bit installed, works great, alas no drivers for the pearl

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    Re: XP/Vista x64 Users

    I think it'd be easier to wait a few more days and get an original final version of Vista so everything would work properly, than getting all the voices and contacting Rim.

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