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Upgraded from palm treo, to pearl (loving it) & new to this board. I am ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    wireless sync


    Upgraded from palm treo, to pearl (loving it) & new to this board. I am on verizon/outlook 2003--is there a way to wireless sync.

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    Re: wireless sync

    If by wirelessly you mean like when walking through the grocery store yes, but only if you are on BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) and no, if you have BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) which is probably what you have with VZW if you bought the phone and pay for it. If you mean while sitting at you desk (within 30 ft) yes via bluetooth with the desktop manager program you install on the PC.

    Most likely since you are on VZW and you probably bought the phone and pay the bill and are not hooked up to a company service then you are on the BIS. This way email will get pushed to your BB from the BB BIS email server but to sync calendar and task data you need to be connected to a PC with Outlook or Lotus Notes.
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    Re: wireless sync

    Maybe the best you can do is sync your calendar wirelessly. If you have a gmail account, you have a google calendar. If not, set one up. Import your Outlook calendar to your google calendar. Download Google's GSync and you can sync your BB and Google calendar. I removed all calendar entries on my BB first. (Using the desktop manager, go to backup, select, advaced, this shows all the databases on the BB, select calendar and clear).

    There's a beta program called BBSync that will do OTA sync of calendar, tasks, contacts etc.

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