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How do you wipe all calendar data?... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Wipe Calendar Data


    How do you wipe all calendar data?

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    I don't know of a way to wipe just the calendar data. Maybe someone has a bettter way of doing it. Here's how I would do it:

    1. Hook up your BB to your PC and do a back-up of your BB through the Desktop Manager

    2. On your BB, go to Options/Security Options/General Settings/Menu/Wipe not include 3rd party applications(unless you want to remove them also)

    3. Hook up your BB to the Desktop Manager again, go to Backup/restore and click on Advanced. Then just restore the data and settings you want and skip the calendar

    Also note, after the wipe you will need to go to Options/Advanced Options/Host Routing Table/Menu and click Register Now to re-register with the network. And you will also need to log in to your carrier BIS and resend your service books.

    Or if you don't have that many calendar entries you can delete them individually......but like I said maybe someone else will have a faster or easier way.......that's just what I'm coming up with at the moment.....
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    You can change the setting to save your calendar entries from 15 days to forever.

    In Calendar go to Menu then select Options then under Keep Appointments choose how long you want them saved.

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