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Does anyone else lose calls (dropped) when using wi-fi for phone calls. I had my ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    wi-fi vs: network calling


    Does anyone else lose calls (dropped) when using wi-fi for phone calls.

    I had my network settings set to wi-fi preferred to test it out and see if I wanted to by the $10 hot spot @ home plan from tmo and I was losing 1 out of 10 calls. I have just switched my network settings back to the tmo network and have not had any problems but I am wondering if anyone else has this issue. I should also mention I do not have a wireless router I mouch off of my neighbor but I can go on my browser via wi-fi faster than I ever could with a data plan through tmo.

    thanks Sammy

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    There is a reason you could be dropping calls. It could be due to what you were doing, the algorithm the phone is using for determining the switchover point, the cellular reception in your area, etc... UMA is a great feature and for me its payed for itself. The calls dropping is unfortunately an issue because the technology is still relatively new. Eventually it will be better. ~via BB (

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