Thanks a lot you cost me $12.95 with tiggit mail.

Great software wonderful author or company.

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hi, it's time to add and to update with some new apps the list i created.

InstanGo, yes another WiFi free MultiMessengers for you, it is pretty nice to send foto or file or Sms or small Vocal Message or just to try if you don't like Jivetalk-BeeTalk Consider that the stable release doesn't support WiFi, Only the last beta release supports wifi, in the settings check WiFi Transport and Http mode, it works for me! and you can download it via ota above:

Microsoft Live Search: (THE BEST-weather-maps-cinema-web-gps-direction)

OperaMini 4.1

LogicMAil ( the only one!!!) 1.01

Rove Mobile file Manager (great application in lan network ftp etc..)

bbTran ( dictionary-translator)

Eqo 1.6.1 (multimessengers)

Google Search

Beyond411 (web search)

Vlingo (Vocal Utility)

Audible (eBooks)

JiveTalk-BeeJive (Multimessengers)

Mundu messenger 4.0.4 (the next release available in few days-ask me it)

Tiggit Mail Utility ( download blackberry 4.3 Os version)

Instango 0.62.16 ( not a public stable version, it's a good beta release)

have a fun