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I live at the Grand Canyon. The tower is about 2 milles away from me ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Re: Whats up with edge?


    I live at the Grand Canyon. The tower is about 2 milles away from me and I have line of sight at typically -57dbM. This weekend even with EDGE everything was slow. So I'm inclined to believe that it was a network issue.

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    Re: Whats up with edge?

    Guys thanks for helping me out. I just needed to make sure it wasn't only me. I love the phone don't get me wrong. It's a fantastic piece of equipment. I was just getting fustrated with it this weekend thats all. We will see what happens in the next up coming days. Thanks alot again guys. i got a few more questions that i'm going to post so... stay tuned lol

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    Re: Whats up with edge?

    I haven't noticed any pronlems here in Central Florida.
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    Re: Whats up with edge?

    Quote Originally Posted by CescoAiel
    edge = 3g = Only voice *or* data at the same time
    EDGE = 3G = Both voice and data simultaneously
    Not quite,

    neither are really 3g, more like 2-1/2g and

    edge: means that the BB Device is connected to an Edge capable tower, but is not fully connected to the RIM Network. No Blackberry Data. Phone and SMS/MMS only

    EDGE: means that the BB Devive is connected to an Edge capable tower and has full connectivity with the RIM network. Blackberry Data services should work.

    How ever, Late last night and this morning, I had EDGE but could not browse at all. Email and PIN would show sent, but no email are PINs would be received (Sent from my BB to my BB as a test). Later in the morning the email and PIN came through fine and now I can browse.

    Hope this helps
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    Re: Whats up with edge?

    Quote Originally Posted by bustinstugot
    I am from Brooklyn, but i mean i see posts about this all the time and the excuse is always maybe it was down for maintenance or maybe it was overloaded, but the network is very good when it works. When its down it just takes forever to request the site. Its a hassle and its making me think twice about the phone.Is it the phone or the network?
    Also what may be the problem is your location, meaning the building you are in.

    I live in San Francisco and I get "EDGE" indicated at all times. For the past three weeks have not seen any issues.

    BUT..... when I visit this girl's condo in Redwood Shores, which is about 5 miles south of the SF Airport, I get no connection whatsoever. Odd thing is that Oracle has its headquarters about three blocks away from her place. So you would think T-Mo would make sure that area had good coverage.

    So that leads me to believe her condo must have something in the construction that blocks the T-Mo tower. But even her Cingular phone gets lousy coverage in her place. Calls drop all the time.

    That said, you might want to walk around your girl's building and see if there still are signal issues [and also the neighborhood]. I know that T-Mo and other carriers cannot place towers in every place they would like too because people say "not in my neighborhood." It's not the same as in Manhattan where there are probably towers on every block.

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