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I bought a seidio adapter to pluge into some noise cancelling sennhieser stereo headphones. Well ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I bought a seidio adapter to pluge into some noise cancelling sennhieser stereo headphones. Well after about 4 hours use they failed. So I returned them
    for an exchange and after about 3 hours use the second one failed also.

    GARBAGE? I think so!

    The 8100 is almost as bad. I am on my second garbage pearl, and it only works on the speaker phone. I think sh_itberry and Tscrewble should be ashamed at the garbage phone, cause it suuks. I wont pay the insurance 120 for a new crap pearl
    since I doubt it will make it to 12/08 when my contract expires. DONT BUY THIS JUNK since BB and TMO wont stand behind their design flaws. I had two phones
    fail with the exact same problem. GARBAGE GARBAGE BARBAGE.

    If you think Im hystrionic-
    you can read why 54 users gave the screarl an F rating.

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    No phone is going to be perfect. I have had THREE Pearls. The first 2 failed with the same software problem. I got frustrated with it and went to a different phone but my love of the portability, form factor, and ease of use was more than enough to keep me coming back to the Pearl.

    I have not had any problems with physical defects of the phones. My issues were software related (OS upgrades resulting in random reboots). I troubleshooted for days (wiping and reloading the OS, backing up data) before I even called T-Mobile so all I needed them to do was verify my home address and send me a new phone. I have the Equipment Protection on my account. My 2nd Pearl was $15 shipping. Current Pearl was FREE (they waive the shipping on the 2nd, and I think, all replacements after that).

    I am hoping my 8120 will be better and won't have to exchange it but I am prepared to deal with it if that isn't the case. I give my current Pearl and A for its performance compared to the first 2.

    By the way, I posted a positive reply on there about my phone. And here's my PS review of the same phone

    Nothing but positive things to say both times.
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    I appreciate a seidio rep taking the time to fix this problem personally and will follow up as recommended.

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    I have purchased the Audio adapter for my 8800 and it works just fine when I plug the headphones in first then plugin to my device.

    Using this device, HERE, Standard Audio Adapter - 2.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female

    The problem I have is that when I plug my Stereo receiver or car recevier in first then in to the device I experience the 1 channel mono that's been mentioned multiple times in this thread.

    Seido website says that I may need this device for 8100/8800 when connecting to other items, HERE, Audio-out Coupler

    Has anyone bought this Audio-out Coupler and has it worked for there non-headphone connection?


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