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Hi I am a long time lurker on this board, and just now joined. My ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Volume Button Stuck


    Hi I am a long time lurker on this board, and just now joined. My husband and I both have Pearls, and he seems to be losing the love. Mainly because his volume button is stuck, and so he cannot adjust the volume at all, so when he uses a headset it is too low to hear, but he needs to use the headset. KWIM? When he uses just the phone it is fine, since he has it set to automatically use full volume.

    My question I guess is is there a way to figure out what is causing it to stick, and get it to come unstuck? Thanks!!!


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    Well, if it's still under warranty I would return it for exchange, but if that's not an option, there are some services like . But they are a bit pricey and that means going without a BB while it's shipped and repaired......there are videos floating around that show you how to open up your BB, like this one, and if you are really handy at that sort of thing you may be able to see what's wrong and fix it........or you could really make things worse!!!! It's risky.

    I don't know of a trick or tip to tell you that would fix it, maybe someone else has a better idea for you.
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    i was reading in a different post that you can search on youtube for a video that shows you how to take the bb apart. maybe you can do that and it just might need to be cleaned? they said it wasnt a very hard thing to do. check out the video and see what you think.... its worth the few minutes..
    hope you get it fixed.

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