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This is a two part question. 1) Do you think they will put out a ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    video on blackberry pearl


    This is a two part question. 1) Do you think they will put out a software update to enable the pearl to record video? 2) Has anyone ever tried to play a video or music and it says the media player is busy? just a extra note, is there a better player to download than the one that comes with it? (so really 3parts)...i do have one additional there an app to make sure all programs are closed?

    Thanks for your replies
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    1.thats OS 4.5 and its not offically released yet......but when its out it should be able to al1ow you to record video

    2.nope....never had that experience could try xplayer or miutunes(which is it beta)

    hope this helps

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    Question 1:Yes, it's in beta right now. See this link:

    Question 2:Yes. Sometimes the files are too large to read...and you may get this when other programs are running in background. Do a battery-pull to ensure all are closed.

    There are several players that are in beta and are currently being tested, but all 3rd party apps.

    Have you tried downloading videos from here? TV, etc...:
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    Nice assist Jbee

    Seems most questions were answered except the last one,
    and IDK if there's an app out there for that, you can just hit Alt (continue holding it) then hit Esc, you can then scroll to see which apps are open. There are usually 5 that are ALWAYS running. I Think Lol . Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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    You are correct!

    ~via BB (

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