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here are the pics of mine as promised. My radio is the Pioneer DEH-P6000UB.... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    here are the pics of mine as promised. My radio is the Pioneer DEH-P6000UB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rsto View Post
    athomas, i have to agree with you, that is the way to go. i had the same thing set up in my truck. tomorrow i will take a pic to post up here for all. but its much easier than buying all sorts of adapters, thats what i did until i realized what can be done, and yeah the employee discount from best buy helps. I use my phone and hook it up when i dont feel like carrying my ipod, but they both work the same. I think the only difference between yours and mine is the way it is controlled, do you still choose what you want to listen to thru your BB? Mine is all done thru the remote and radio itself.
    You can still use the remote like you would for any other flash device. i would create a separate folder for music though. My deck treats each folder as an 'album' and that way you won't have to go through ring tones and such to get to your music.

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    When the bluetooth A2DP profile is supported (it will be in OS 4.5 for the 8100, may be factory on the 8110), you can use an Anycom FIPO. It's a tiny device with an ipod dock connector (30-pin, not headphone jack) that receives audio from an A2DP device (your BB) over bluetooth and plays it through any receiver with an ipod connector. (You could also hook it into an ipod dock at home.) The FIPO also supports the bluetooth AVRCP profile so when you press the track skip button on your stereo, the BB will skip tracks (if your ipod adapter supports this.) Here's a link to the product page.

    The flash drive option may work better for you, but if you have an ipod adapter that already works, this could save you some money. I believe the FIPO is available for ~$60.

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