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I couldn't find this question posted previously so I thought I would ask. Can my ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Using Pearl as a MODEM


    I couldn't find this question posted previously so I thought I would ask. Can my pearl be used as a wireless or bluetooth modem for my bluetooth enabled laptop?

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    Re: Using Pearl as a MODEM

    here you go. strait from RIM. by the way the tmobile apn is wap

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    Re: Using Pearl as a MODEM

    Follow these instructions, Please Note that this process and these settings are for T-Mobile and Windows XP Users. Also Note that these are meant as a reference and are not a guarantee seeing as T-mobile has changed these settings before. These are confirmed as of August 3, 2007:
    • Install latest version of Desktop Manager
    • go to the control panel on your computer
    • go to Administrative tools
    • go to computer management
    • on the left side click Device manager
    • on the right side click on Ports (Com & LPT)
    • Write down the number on the ports that say Rim Virtual serial Port V2
    • go back to the control Panel
    • go to network connections
    • go to file
    • go to new connection
    • go to connect to the internet
    • click set up connection manually
    • click connect using dial up modem
    • checkmark the box that says Standard modem and has one of the Port Numbers you wrote down earlier
    • Uncheck all others
    • Click next
    • For the ISP Name you can put whatever you like I choose Blackberry
    • Click Next
    For the Phone Number enter the following exactly: *99***1#
    • Click Next
    • Leave Username, Password and Confirm Blank
    • Uncheck Make this the default internet connection, unless you really want to make this your default internet connection.
    • Click Next
    • Checkmark Add a shortcut to this connection on my desktop
    • Click Finish
    • At this point a window should pop up, close this for now.
    • Go back to the Control Panel
    • Click Phone and Modem Options
    • On the top of the window that pops up click the tab that says Modems
    • Click on the modem you used earlier it should be Standard Modem and have the same port number from earlier.
    • Once you have it highlighted go to the bottom and click Properties
    • at the top of the window that opens click on the tab that says Advanced
    • In the Extra initialization Commands box, type in the exactly: at+cgdcont=1,"IP",""
    • Click OK
    • Go back to thecontrol Panel
    • Next go tothe Network Connections Folder
    • Next Right Click On the New Connection we just made and select Properties
    • On the top on the window that pops up click the tab that says Networking
    • Click the settings button
    • Another window should pop up, Make sure that Enable LCP Extensions is Check marked and make sure that Enable software compression and Negotiate Multi-Link for Single Link Connection are both Un-Checked.
    • Click OK
    • You can close all the windows if you haven’t been closing them already.
    • Open Desktop Manager and connect the Blackberry
    • Look for the Connection shortcut on the Desktop and double click it.
    • At the bottom of the Desktop Manager it should say Connected if it is not go to Options then go to Connection Settings and click connect, it should tell you that it has found it, if it doesn’t you have a separate problem.
    • Once connected to the Desktop Manager click on the shortcut to the connection that we made earlier, it should be on the desktop.
    • Check the box that says Save this Username and password for the following users:
    • Click on Anyone that uses this computer
    • Click Dial. It should dial and connect.
    Reasons for failure to establish the connection to the internet:
    • The desktop manager is closed. The desktop manager MUST be open the whole time you are using the internet! (this is under debate, some people claim that this works regardless of this)
    • On the Phone APN settings you have ANYTHING there, the APN settings MUST be Blank to establish connection.

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