For those of you that want to use Bing on your Blackberry Pearl 8120 I found that if your running OS 4.5 the one for Blackberry Curve (OS 4.5) that they have listed works pretty good.
The only issue with it is that it cuts off a little bit of the screen on the right side other than that
the voice search and maps work great!
I was amazed at how accurate the voice recognition is when searching for a address in maps and if you want to zoom in or out use your volume button, Zoom in is volume down and Zoom out is volume up.
And to switch between Satellite View and Road Map View use the Number 1 button.

I'm running it on an old T-Mobile 8120 in WiFi mode that doesn't have service and it works great!
If you want to use your 8120 without service in WiFi mode just go to your Browser Options
then Browser Configuration and switch it from t-zones to Hotspot Browser hit your menu button and select save options because I noticed that sometimes it won't save the setting change even though you select save settings when you hit the back button.
Also in the phone settings under Mobile Network for the Connection Preference set it to WiFi Preferred or WiFi Only.
Feel free to ask any question's and I'll try to answer them in a timely manner.