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Is the best guide to use to tether my XP laptop to my 8130? ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Use as a modem with bluetooth?


    Is the best guide to use to tether my XP laptop to my 8130? I know that it is dated, but I haven't found a better one. Also, do I need to call and get some sort of user names from Sprint, or should it just be the login info I use currently on

    *EDIT* What I really need, is to know where the best comprehensive guide for BT is. I just recieved my first PC card.
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    ~via BB ( the blackberrys won't be as fast as a pc card/ usb broadband device. For instance my VZW 8830 is evdo rev.0. But the USB and PC Cards are Evdo rev.A(faster and updated)

    I've never tethered via BT on my win comp just my mac with a BB Modem Script file from

    but I'm going to try to tether via BT now on the other comp to see how hard it is. PIN me if you need help

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