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I am on a BB 8100 pearl, and I recently upgraded to 4.5 OS. Now, ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Upgraded to 4.5, now music sounds crappy!! Help!


    I am on a BB 8100 pearl, and I recently upgraded to 4.5 OS. Now, my music sounds terrible. Guys, it's bad. Is there anything I can do? (other than downgrading?)


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    That's just what the beta software does. Haven't heard of any resolution but downgrading firmware. It didn't sound to crappy to me. Just lower. ~via BB (

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    ~via BB (! Downgrading seems to be your only option, I don't have this issue but obviously the issue occurred from upgrading. That really sucks!!

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    I had an issue similar to what your talking about and what I realized was that the sound was actually coming out of the ear speaker and not the speaker on the back. My problem seemed to be linked with BBAlarms Pro and a quick reinstall of that application and a reboot seemed to fix it. But this was all on an 8320 Curve but thought it was just something to check. it.~via BB (

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