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I just bought a pearl on ebay, I am a Tmobile customer, I was wondering ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    updating the OS


    I just bought a pearl on ebay, I am a Tmobile customer, I was wondering if I need to update the OS, right now I have v4.2.0.64. And if so how do i do that. If I have to do it via computer I have a MAC if that matters.

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    Re: updating the OS

    it's not necessary to upgrade at the moment, but as you use your phone and load app's and stuff you may run into some errors or situations that an ugrade might fix. there are currently a .94 OS from ATT and another .101 multilanguage. scan through some of the threads you might see why some people are upgrading their OS. personally I don't own a mac so i can't answer that part.

    I am with ATT so I had to upgrade my OS, due to problems with my media files. good luck and welcome!

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    Re: updating the OS

    You won't be able to do any software upgrades to your phone's OS with a Mac. The only way to upgrade is using Desktop Manager, which is currently only available for PC.

    Unless you reboot your Mac in Windows mode and run Desktop Manager, or borrow a friend's PC.

    As far as the .64 OS is concerned, there are a lot of users on here that still use it regularly, and despite all the recent OS releases they stick with it. So your phone will work just great regardless of what you choose to do.
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