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hey have u tried BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Re: Updating problem......


    hey have u tried

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    Re: Updating problem......

    Quote Originally Posted by zran512
    i checked not to backup everything and the same thing happened. The phone shut off and a red light came on and it gave me this error Ax00000001. I got the error when it was on the step to connect to the rom.
    It's a well known thing to me. I've got the same as i update the OS of my Pearl. Happens with the 4.2.1, 4.2.2 SP1 and SP2 version of the DM. And it was a really simple thing: Delete the vendor.xml

    Normaly you don't have to if you upgrade from TMO 0.64 to TMO 1.103 but you should give it a shot.

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