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I have bought a Blackberry Pearl 8100. It is locked to Vodafone U.K. but I ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Unlocking Blackberry Pearl 8100.


    I have bought a Blackberry Pearl 8100. It is locked to Vodafone U.K. but I wish to use it with my Orange pay-monthly account.

    I purchased an unlock code (actually 4 alternatives were supplied) but I am still having problems unlocking the 'phone. At least 2 of the supplied codes haven't worked.

    I now only have 7 "lives" left and I don't wish to proceed trying to unlock the 'phone in case I end up with one which is unlockable.

    1) Can anyone help me to unlock my Blackberry? Any suggestions would be welcome. If you have any suggestions please be gentle with me and give me a step-by-step idiot's guide!

    2) Is there any way that I can reset my 'phone so that I go back to the full number of attempts left to unlock?

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    Re: Unlocking Blackberry Pearl 8100.

    I am actually calling t-mobile today to get the unlock code. Seeing they supply every 90 days for their users I decided might as well use it up and start the countdown to the next unlock period (and be prepared for whenever bb wifi/cam version comes out).

    I found this thread that might help you: Unlocking blackberry pearl 8100

    I saw nothing inside about resetting phone to go back to full number of attempts to unlock.


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