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I can't private message Sanjeevjoshi since I am a new member but would like his ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Unlocked pearl "nullpointer exception" Sanjeevjoshi..


    I can't private message Sanjeevjoshi since I am a new member but would like his (or someone else's) help on the nullpoint exception error message as desribed below. Thank you.

    Sanjeevjoshi - could you help me since I have the same exact problem. Unlocked tmobile to cingular and get that error message periodically. I can find the net_rim_tmo_five (NO Suffix) property under core applications but how do you delete it on the cell? I am a MAC user and was sent the books by Cingular when I registered my emails on line.

    You can email me at THANK YOU.

    Originally Posted by sanjeevjoshi
    Situation: Factory Install, TMobile, got it unlocked, and started using Cingular SIM card. Enterprise IT Policy pushed to device when synced up with desktop

    Problem: Every time device was woken up from standby or powerdown, it would throw a nullpointer exception, logs showed multiple applications somewhat randomly it seemed

    Approaches tried: Deleting themes, wiping handheld, using app loader to reinstall OS, apps, and data, etc. Then considered deleting one of the modules in the core SW. Decided to try something that is TMO specific, since problem started only when I switched to Cingular SIM. I am not a technical person, have never worked with java, but thats the logic I used.


    - Delete the module net_rim_tmo_five.cod from the core SW (sits in folder in the shared\loader files \8100xxx\java)

    A couple of background errors happen as evident in the log, but you get no prompts, and performance is not impacted.

    AMAZING! Now we only have to wait for Cingular to release the next OS / app rev in the next 2 /3 months.

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    Re: Unlocked pearl "nullpointer exception" Sanjeevjoshi..

    I have the same message, but my BB is with TMobile and not unlocked. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Unlocked pearl "nullpointer exception" Sanjeevjoshi..

    I couldn't find much. I went to and found this:

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