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    unhappy with


    I know a lot of people on here have used I've used them as well to order a new trackball kit. I was very happy that a company existed like this but I lost my satisfaction for them about 1 1/2 to 2 months after dealing with the company. I noticed the chrome/plastic piece came off the area that stores the trackball. I also noticed that round metal piece disapeared as well.

    I called bbrepairshop and talked with one of the sales people. I explained what had happened and wondered about the price of replacing just those two parts. I still had the trackball. He quoted $40. This seemed a bit high just for two small pieces considering the entire kit is $60. I asked about the warranty on the website for the parts and then the sales person became a little defensive. He asked "what did you do to it". I explained that I'm very careful with my phone and I had not dropped it or anything, just used it as normal. He said without knowing what I did to my phone, he couldn't do anything but he would talk to his boss and call me back the next day. I'm still waiting on that call. I called today and left my name and number and have yet to get a return call.

    I find this to be very unprofessional of them and with the defensive attitude, rude. I was polite the entire time because it isn't worth the stress to worry about something so small.

    I wanted to let you guys know in order to prewarn you I also wondered if there is anywhere else I might be able to replace the metal ring and chrome part. Thanks.

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    Re: unhappy with

    Sorry to hear about your experience with them. Luckily I haven't to do any repairs on mine yet. The only other place on the web I've come across, so far, is cellular dr. You can find the trackball assembly at I have not done business with them so try at your own risk, but it looks like a good legitimate company to me. Not sure if they sell just the metal rings but it wouldn't hurt to give them a call and find out. BTW: the trackball assembly is also cheaper there running at about $45.

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    Re: unhappy with

    Or you might try Promobility

    Hope this helps.
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