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Good evening, I just switched over to the 8120 from the 8100 and have two ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Two basic questions - WiFi and @Home


    Good evening, I just switched over to the 8120 from the 8100 and have two basic questions.

    1) I have the @Home Hotspot unlimited calling feature on my phone and I set up the phone with my home network and it works fine. I notice when it's connected it will say "UMA" at the top rather than EDGE and it says "T-Mobile AGS" which AGS is my network name.

    Now the question with this is how do I know when I'm officially connected through the Hotspot to make unlimited calling? I went outside and it still said "T-Mobile AGS" but it said EGDE up in the corner so I wasn't sure if it was connected through the WiFi or not. I just need to figure this out so I don't make a ton of calls and go over my minutes by accident.

    2) I took off the BIS Internet Package for now but I switched the browser over to "Hotspot Browser" since the basic internet wouldn't work due to me taking off the service.

    Since I'm connected through the WiFi at home, I'm not going to be charged for data since it's through my own network, right? No need for me to see a huge bill in the mail for data since I took off the internet package.



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    1. I believe when you are showing the "UMA", you are connected to your router. Which means you are using the @home service for the calls. When you see anything else, you are on T-mobile's network.

    2. When you are connected thru WiFi, you can browse and use data thru the WiFi connection. You shouldn't see any extra data charges

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    As dasupaman stated, you have the verification that your voice calls are going out through your router through the UMA notification at the top. If you see anything other than UMA then you are not sending voice out through your network but through the cellular tower. As for the name, it just means you are connected to your home network but if you see EDGE, then you have no voice connection.


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    UMA = unlimited calls with the add on. I love it. ~via BB (

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    Whenever your phone says UMA it is free calling if it says edge it is coming off your minutes. If you start the call in UMA and you switch over to edge it is still free for the whole call visa versa thats if your lucky enough not to drop the call when your phone drops off UMA

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I figured out first hand about the WiFi internet when I went out last night. When I'm connected to my network at home, the internet works and when I was out to dinner, the internet didn't work since there was no internet. Simple way to find out!

    Ok, I guess I had 3 questions. When I use my browser, it keeps automatically setting it to "T-Zones" browser even when I change it to HotSpot browser. I can go to some websites and it randomly changes back and I get the "Subscribe to T-MobileWeb to stay on top.. blah blah" the $5.99 Web Access.

    How do I make it stay on the HotSpot browser 100% of the time?

    Thanks again!

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    @rebels, When you change from "T-Zones" to "HotSpot", you have to save, and then RESTART the browser. I found this out the frustrating way.

    Also, there is no need to keep switching back and forth. Just leave it on T-Zones. Then, when you're in range of your network, go to "Manage Connections" and click "Wi-Fi Hotspot Login."

    But yeah, if you want it to be nothing but HotSpot, you must SAVE and then RESTART the browser by clicking "Menu>Close"

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    I work for tmo, UMA is when your calls are free but! if you make a call on UMA and you leave your house or hotspot the call will remain free until you hang say you start a phone call at your house and to drive 3 hours away as long as you dont drop the call its still free. With the Wi-Fi question you are browsing on the Wi-Fi network if you where trying to access the data network it would ask you to add a package.

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    UMA calls are not free unless you have the @home package added on. If you do not use your minutes. It would be pointless to add it on.

    If you make calls over UMA, and don't have a package. It will take your plan minutes instead. And if you never blow your minutes, then don't add the package.

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