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I have been trying to use my BB Pearl as a modem for my laptop ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Trying to tether my BB pearl to my Laptop..FRUSTRATED!!


    I have been trying to use my BB Pearl as a modem for my laptop (since I pay $10 a month for this feature) I am beyond frustrated. I have tried to work with Alltel and they say it is my laptop that has problems. My laptop is 3 weeks. I had downloaded the Desktop Manager, and I don't understand when they tell me about the standard modem. Please Please Help..This site seems very informative and I have learned a lot, but I guess I am to simple to figure the modem

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    I would definetly call your provider back. There is no reason why they should give up on you like that. When I had TMO it took about 10 min to configure. It shouldnt be that hard.
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    Not sure what you have tried but there is a link in My Blog (click below) on tethering with step by step instructions for both CDMA and GSM devices. You may want to review it and see if it helps, and Welcome to the Pinstack Family!
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    Yeah a little more info would be great. ~via BB (

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    Check my posts from my profile , if you need help add me to your BB messenger and ill walk you through it

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