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My family is setup on a bunch of Moto phones (RAZRs and a V195). I've ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Transferring addresses/phonebooks FROM another device using BT


    My family is setup on a bunch of Moto phones (RAZRs and a V195).

    I've shown them how to xfer addresses and phonebooks via BT amongst themselves. But silly me and my fancy Pearl can't do it.

    I seem able to send my phonebook to them, but not the other way around.

    Did a bit of research and it appears to be 2 things:

    1) Obex is not provided as a passive service, I need to open up my phone for individual file transfers. This was no problem, I found a page describing how to receive Obex file xfers for music/video/pictures.

    So I decided to do a raw test of this and told my phone to receive a BT file in the "media/pictures" interface, then sent myself an addressbook entry from one of the Moto phones. Now I'm up against:

    2) The Pearl doesn't know how to process .vcf files sent via bluetooth as a file transfer, so it just saved the file and moves on.

    So ... to fix the problem ... is there:

    a) a way to get the existing phonebook application to either intercept a .vcf file as it is sent OR

    b) for the phonebook to open a .vcf file saved on the phone OR

    c) a 3rd party application that can import .vcf files into the addresses database (hopefully with a UI to open Obex xfers as well)

    NOTE: the .vcf files are obviously individual addresses. I'm not sure how full phonebook xfers are handled yet.

    If not ... any chance someone is thinking of writing "c)" above?

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    a lot better file transfer support esp via bluetooth will be in coming 4.2 updates. However, as far as I know the transfer of contacts will not be a feature. It may be due to the secure nature of BlackBerry. Adding this access will increase the need to restrict unwanted extract of contacts.

    It would be nice though. With BB geared more and more to the non-biz users it may be a something to look 4.

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    How about using Phone Tools for your Motorola, which can sync your phone contacts with Outlook. The Pearl uses the Outlook contact list for the address book/phone book anyway so that made the most sense to me.

    I just recently did this and it worked like a charm. The best part is that Phone Tools recognizes that a contact can have multiple numbers, email addresses, etc. and properly formats these in the respective Outlook contact. I think you can pick up Phone Tools via Motorola's site for around 25.00 US. Money very well spent in my opinion.

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    Re: Transferring addresses/phonebooks FROM another device using BT

    I have recently a Pearl 8100. I also have a Nokia 8800 Sirroco. How can I transfer my contacts from my Nokia 8800 into the Pearl 8100 using Bluetooth? Please HELP me step by step.

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