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my trackball has been malfunctioning for a a while now. it would intermittently not scroll ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    trackball dissection


    my trackball has been malfunctioning for a a while now. it would intermittently not scroll left. i tried restarts, i tried compressed air, i tried rolling the ball while clicked in, i tried alcohol....none of it worked. so i decided to take it apart.

    i apologize for not taking any photos of this, as i was ****racked the entire time thinking i would destroy my pearl. here is a walkthough of what i did, in hopes that it will help out someone with the same problem i had:

    tools you will need: decent fingernails, tweezers (i used both really good cosmetic tweezers and the little ones from a swiss army knife), compressed air can, plastic beige toothpick thing from a swiss army knife (any type of strong, pointy, and small piece of plastic (no metal!) will do).

    1. take the battery out of your phone.

    2. pop off the silver plastic ring around the pearl. this is as simple as getting a finger nail under and lifting it out. there are prongs that hold the piece in. they are not symmetrical prongs, and only 3 sides has them. i was worried that i broke some prongs off, but discovered this was not the case.

    3. remove trackball casing ring. there is a thin metal ring that holds the trackball and its casing into the phone. it has two prongs, top and bottom. this can be removed with fingernails or the tweezer.

    4. pop out the trackball's casing. again, can be lifted out with finger nails. the trackball itself is contained in a small plastic and metal casing. it holds together the trackball and its other components which i will describe next.

    5. remove base from trackball casing. the casing is made up of a top and bottom piece. the top piece has a 4 pronged piece of metal attached to it that clips over the bottom piece, holding it all in place. there are 2 kinds of prongs that hold the plastic bottom in. 2 of these prongs reach around the plastic and clip into it. the other 2 just have a hole in the middle which a plastic piece from the bottom sits in. the prongs with the clips must be pushed out and unclipped using the tweezers. the other 2 prongs must be pushed over the plastic nub they lock into with the tweezer.

    this will allow the bottom of the trackball casing to come off and expose the inner workings of the trackball itself. it is composed of the ball, and 4 magnetic rollers. the rollers are positioned around the ball, so that when the ball moves it in turn moves the rollers, which move the magnetic end which then sends a signal to the phone. the rollers are where the dust will collect.

    6. remove rollers. the rollers simply sit in a groove on each side of the trackball (there are 4 in total). the bottom of the casing holds them in (and since this is gone, the rollers will come right out with no effort). simply put your tweezers next to the black magnetic part of the rollers and they will pop right out.

    7. remove dust. you will see small balls of dust clinging to the plastic part of the rollers. this is what inhibits trackball responses. there was a surprising amount of dust buildup under all the rollers. remove it with the tweezers and your trackball should work great now. give it a blast of air just to be sure all the junk is gone.

    8. replace the rollers. replacing the rollers is tricky. they are very very tiny, and the magnets will stick to your tweezers, so you will need the plastic toothpick now. hold the magnet end of the roller with the tweezer and place is back in the casing top as you found it. hold it down with the plastic toothpick, and let go with the tweezers. hopefully this will leave the roller in place. repeat for all 4.

    9. reassemble everything and hope it works!

    i wouldn't recommend doing this unless you are confident in your memory skills and hand/eye coordination. my trackball works perfectly now and I'm really glad i did this, but i was very scared the whole time that i would destroy my phone. hope this helps out!
    just realized someone already posted this with pictures. sorry people.
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    Re: trackball dissection

    Thanks for the info but there is a guide somewhere that has pictures maybe a mod could use your info with the pictures to create a really awesome guide

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