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i took my phone to work construction, there was dust all over the house and ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    i took my phone to work construction, there was dust all over the house and stuff, it was before painting the house

    the guys were spaculing the rooms and then blowing the room so alot of dust got into my trackball but after i did that, the ball still rolls slow

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    Does anyone know where to get a new pearl (just the ball itself)? I'm a mechanic, and getting the pearl dirty is unavoidable. More importantly, i've had it for 2 years, and the texture is all worn off the pearl, so it doesn't grip the rollers very well.

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    Good advice, not putting your Pearl in your pocket... only too late. I put it in my pocket just this once... and now the trackball only works when rolled up-down, but not left-right

    I'll just have to go through the cleaning process -- a task made easier by this thread's pictures. Thanks!

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    nice job! wish i saw this yesterday lol! was going crazy trying to figure this out

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    New to the forum and just wanted to tell about the problems I had with my 8100's trackball.

    It started becoming stuck and would not scroll down. Very frustrating since I constantly use my 8100 and it's apps in my business. I started reading everything I could about this and found "how to" information on cleaning/replacing the trackball. I took my time and the trackball assembly came out and went back in a planned. The cleaning helped a little, but it was still not operating very well.

    I was just about to give up and order a replacement trackball assembly when I read about I decided to try their easy cleaning technique just in case I might get lucky. The only change I made in their instructions was that I used an alcohol swipe from a first-aid kit to clean my trackball.

    To my surprise it worked like a charm. My trackball works just like it did when I bought it about 2 years ago.

    Just thought I'd share this and maybe help someone find a simple solution to a very frustrating problem.
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    Thanks for the great instructions!! I was having an issue with the trackball not scrolling down and when I found it the 8330 was on backorder I decided to clean the one I had. Instructions are spot on a very detailed.

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    EDIT: Nevermind... I managed to pop it back in somehow.

    I used a million different photos and threads from different websites, and I am 95% positive that I put this thing back together correctly... but the button won't fit back into my curve! I've already tried switching the rollers to make sure they weren't backwards, and that didn't work. Someone PLEASE help, this is driving me crazy!
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    ask me
    try to rotate clockwise 90 degrees...
    i see RED...

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    Sup stackers! Just in case yall didn't kno the track balls are on ebay. 2 for like $12.
    size=1]~via smartphone[/size]
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    Hey I just did this this morning but didn't know it was posted on here. To let you know it is the same procedure for the 8330 and it works like a charm.
    ~via smartphone

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    No pictures? why can't I see any pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by ummati View Post
    No pictures? why can't I see any pictures

    Go to the first page to view the pictures. I an see them fine and I'm mobile on my iPhone. If you're at work or a restricted area that doesn't allow you to view some unsuitable material that could be the reason why you're bot able to view them. Moreover, you can go to and watch the video tutorial they have or pictures on how to do this or watch this video.
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