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how do i clean my track ball on my bb 81xx?... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question trackball?


    how do i clean my track ball on my bb 81xx?

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    Use a vice to hold it steady, then pick up a sledge hammer and bash it until the track ball drops out. Do not use any aggressive detergent to clean it because some may contain acid that could leave nasty white marks on the surface of the trackball........

    No! Don't! Just joking!

    I used a damp cloth (certainly not wet) and wiped it. Make sure that you do it with the battery removed and then let the device dry out for a while.

    The other option is to take the device apart. With the right tools you can separate the components carefully until the trackball is free. However, that is better done by a specialist!

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    u can sometimes use rubbing alcohol to clean it as well but make sure the phone off and use a qtip damp with alcohol and just clean it that way another way is to use an air duster to clean the key pad and around the track ball to blow away any dust trapped inside.

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