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My daughter's 8110 keyboard is totally flaking out, I have figure out so far that ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Total Key madness on the Pearl!


    My daughter's 8110 keyboard is totally flaking out, I have figure out so far that only the top buttons are effected green talk, BB button, trackball butten and the Esc button. The red "hangup" button works fine as well as all the other keys.

    Let me now explain what the key problem are:

    The green talk/call button when pressed brings up the phone dialing screen putting in the "7" in the field to call

    Pressing the BB button (button to the left of the trackball) brings up the dialer screen with the number "1" in the field to call.

    Pressing the trackball button brings up dialing screen too with the number "7" in the field to call.

    Pressing the ESC button the right of the track ball does nothing.

    Pressing the red hang up key works as it's suppose to and takes you back to main icon screen.

    Any suggestions on how one might go about to fix? AT&T won't replace it because the moisture sticker is missing (not sure how this happened, daughter "swears" it never got wet).

    I suspect the white keypad membrane on the PCB is bad and I see them for sale on eBay but I'm not sure how to replace it, does the old one simply pull off and the new one stick on??

    Reason I believe the keypad PCB membrane is bad is that I have taken the main key pad off and used my fingers to press the buttons and sometimes after I turn it on it works for a minute but then the the key start acting up.

    Thoughts?? Ideas to fix ??

    I reloaded the OS including wiping it with JL Commander, running the latest AT&T 4.5.x.x on it

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    Sounds like a hardware issue. I'm not sure is it's the membrane or it could be the actual keyboard itself. You'll have to take it apart to check. Not sure if it's even worth trying to replace. It does sound like a moisture issue though or something is crossing the signals on the keyboard (i.e. moisture)

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    You could try calling your carrier directly instead of bringing it into a store for service. When you talk to them on the phone just explain that you dropped it an now the key board isn't responding correctly. They will tell you to bring it to a service center for repairs. Make sure you get a conformation number over the phone an being that with you so the repair center can confirm your claim. Best case senerio is they will give you a new device if not it should be a refurbished one depending if you have insurisnce on it. Good luck!
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