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I have seen posts and had people ask me about this, so maybe this can ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Thumbs up Tivo videos on your 8100


    I have seen posts and had people ask me about this, so maybe this can help folks out... My Perle is BRAND new, and in my past experiences, my process should work the first try (as I have converted over 150+ videos for my Windows CE devices into .WMV), but see my notes below, and let me know how it goes.

    I use this application linked below to convert the proprietary TIVO file to MPG. Once in RAW MPG file format, you can then use any utility out there to do what you need. I have used the Windows Media Converter to make my files portable on Windows Smart Devices, since the file out put is WMV, but you'll need to follow the links below to get a Perle compatible converter.
    As for the BB, I have only had the Perle for 3 days now, and when I return from a trip I plan to make some scripts to change all my files to MPG for the 8100 Perle.

    But first things first. You have Tivo, with Home Media Option. Tivo has encrypted these files so they can not be shared or ported to unlicensed devices/laptops/PC's. That's why you had to enter a CODE when you installed Tivo Desktop, so the Tivo recorder you have and your PC have a matching code so you can watch them on your PC or Laptop.
    So here is what you need to do to take '.tivo' files and make them Blackberry compatible/unencrypted... (PLEASE NOTE: This is only in theory, as I have not tested yet, but SHOULD work!).
    Go to this site, and download DirectShow Dump, this is is a private utility that strips out the special Tivo encryption, and leaves you with a LARGE MPG file (not sure of the version, I'm not that technical with the different video Codecs and compression thingy's). (non-link... you need to copy/paste as needed)
    Use this application (above) to make a clean, raw video file.

    Then use one of the numerous video converters (as found on the first page of the 8100 forums in the top of the forum to make it work on the 8100). (non-link... you need to copy/paste as needed)

    Give it a shot and let me know if this works for you.

    In theory, it should work straight off the first try, but since I don't have my home PC or Tivo right now I can't test, but this should get you started... I should have this tested later in teh week when I return home!


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    Re: Tivo videos on your 8100


    I upgraded to tivo plus (24.00) to enable me to convert the tivo files to mp4(palm) format. I then use Seabryd BB video creator to convert the mp4 to be able to play on the pearl. It takes a while but it does work. Looks great on the pearl.

    Once you try your way please update.

    Thanks for your help


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    Re: Tivo videos on your 8100

    I just burn a DVD in the living room, put it in my PC then run this:

    Seems much simplier.

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    Re: Tivo videos on your 8100

    hi rkkeller,

    So what exactly does that software do? I mean does it covert your movies from the PC to a differnt format? How about drive space?

    I have video's on my pc that are about 3-4gigs in size each. If I was to use that software what is the size file it would be on the SD card?? Thanks

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    Re: Tivo videos on your 8100

    ~via BB ( this serious? Is all that off topic stuff and language allowed?

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