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1. try signing up for blackberry owners lounge, they have tips and downloads there. 2. ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    tips for blackberry(s)


    1. try signing up for blackberry owners lounge, they have tips and downloads there.
    2. looking around pinstack is a good idea for tips and downloads.
    3. mini monitor and BB corrector are usefull APPS.
    4. spin pen is a good idea for creativity
    5. blackberry app world is an excellent for getting free and paid apps in all app and game categories!
    6. if your blackberry pauses for a very long tie and activity is impossible, then stop charging your phone (if you are charging) then remove the battary cover then remove the battary for 15 seconds then replace the battary and the cover in there places than wait a while for your blackberry to turn on completly, then resume normal activity!
    7. sitting by a pc/laptop that is bluetooth enabled AND that has wired/wireless internet (wireless works better). Your blackberry's internet speed and connection will be enchanced!
    8. To increase battary life, instead of pressing the end call button for exiting a program that you do not not come back to the program with unsaved data. ( using this method makes sure that you are NOT running in the backround)
    9. If you want to make sure that blingball is fully functional, ensure that you are running OS 4.5 or later AND blackberry pearl 8100.
    10. downloading the mobile google app is excellent app for better visual and navigational enchancer for google, but sometimes doesnt connect to the internet.
    11. Don't support stylesheets unless you can't view things even in page view mode
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    Thankyou great Information
    Much Appreciated
    BlackBerry8110/ Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/123

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    this is awsome thanks!

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