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I've noticed that a lot of sites say you need to delete the Vendor.xml file ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Tip on updating T-Mobile 8120 to 4.5


    I've noticed that a lot of sites say you need to delete the Vendor.xml file to get the upgrade to work.

    Well, this really isn't the case. If you aren't afraid of a little text editing, you can use the T-Mobile vendor information in the file and upgrade your phone.

    Firstly, open up the file in Notepad. In the download I got from Orange UK (see forum for download link) this was near the top...

    <vendor id="0x64" Name="T-Mobile US">

    Okay, now scroll down a bit and find the line that looks like this...

    <bundle id="System" version="">

    Note the version matches the latest version from T-Mobile's official site. So, looking at the Orange UK download, it's 4.5.0 OS and package v72. So, change the line to...

    <bundle id="System" version="">

    Save the file, and you should be able to run the application updater. Now, I don't know if this makes any real difference, but it seems a bit "safer".

    Anyway, I tried this with my phone, and it was mostly glitch free. There was a hiccup with the automatic restore, but it saved the backup and a later manual restore worked fine. WiFi/UMA was initally a bit weird, but a router reset took care of that.

    Enjoy, and remember, upgrade and your own risk.

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    Great Info!

    Seems easier to delete the vendor file though....but to each their own!

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    Its been my understanding that you delete the vendor.xml to prevent locking the phone to the wrong carrier.
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    I've been deleting vendor.xml files for a while and never had a problem.

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    i just prefer to delete the vendor file- is easier and plus im afraid of typing something wrong on the blackberry file and then messing the phone up..
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    This is how you unlock vendor themes as well.I did this with my 7105t about 2 years ago. With the pearl the tmobile zen themes are the best. ~via BB (

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    My vendor.xml file didn't have anything in it. For version number, it listed

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