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i tried loading some files on; but it said that the files were to ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    i tried loading some files on; but it said that the files were to large. I have a 2g micro sd card so i dont know why i am getting this message. The files were about 250 sec or something along those lines.

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    LOL Im not sure if it is, but all the videos I view are 15-45 seconds in length.

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    Viewing tinytube has nothing to do with your SD card.
    First of all tinytube is not true streaming and really not worth looking at on your phone. I would rather not wait 3-4 mins to view a 45 second video. It's not worth your time.

    If viewing videos from your phone is a priority then you will be waiting a while. Especially with the EDGE network. Too slow for that. Maybe when 3G become widely available then it will be worth it. Till then just wait patiently. Sorry.

    Good Luck

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