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Hey guys. I've got an unlocked BB Pearl 8100 that I've been using only as ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Third-Party BB Applications


    Hey guys.

    I've got an unlocked BB Pearl 8100 that I've been using only as a phone, but I'd really like to implement a basic data plan with it without having to go through an actual BlackBerry service (I can't afford it!). As far as I understand, it's maybe possible for me to configure my Pearl to use a standard data plan through a carrier by using relevant third-party applications like Opera Mini. Is this correct? If so, would anyone have any other recommendations on some pretty respected 'replacement' applications that might do the trick (email applications, messenger programs etc.)?

    Thanks a lot!

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    This doesn't sound like something you can do - I think you need to start with questions to a carrier.

    Where are you? What carrier do you use or have available to you? If you update your profile with some basic info these questions would already be answered. If you're in a place where you can use T-Mobile, their unlimited data plan is only $20/month. I doubt if any carrier has a data plan less than that.
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    i think if you buy the normal data plan you can use opera mini to browse the internet.

    you must also set the correct tcp settings in device options (i think only gsm devices have this option)

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