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great stories....
i got to work today and put my pearl on a shelf while hanging up my jacket.
i get to my desk...grab some coffee and POOF my pearl has pulled a magician on me. i flipped out. i ran to some superviors and told them i needed a broadcast put out at my work about a lost phone. I also feared the worst thinking i left it on the shelf by my coat and someone stole it.
One of my supervisors was going to let me use his phone to call mine. I knew this wouldnt work since it was on silent, but i figured i would just call and call and call till someone picked up (this has worked with 3 other of my "lost" cell phones) so i run back to my desk to grab my coffee thinking i was going to be calling my phone for half an hour. i noticed my desk drawer was slightly ajar...Lo and behold the magical Pearl returned from its mystical journey. i scolded the pearl dearly and put it in a time out.

Then i felt really dumb and laughed quietly to myself.
Oh and this was right after reading this exact thread while
walking to work............weird
this thread is cursed
Hey Llama....maybe Turbo was able to squeeze his legs outside the pearl and wanted to go for a walk? So he walked around your office and found that he was really bored because he didn't know anybody there so he came back to find you?

ANd you scolded him....you should have given him a doggie treat for coming back. LOL