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When i bought my Pearl the guy at the T-Mobile retailer said to me that ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    The 5-Hour Question


    When i bought my Pearl the guy at the T-Mobile retailer said to me that after the initial charge, you shouldn't charge your phone for more than 5 hours. Do any of you follow this rule? Can it damage your phone?

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    Re: The 5-Hour Question

    ~via BB (
    There are many opinions regarding battery charging. One thing is fairly certain. Typical charging, even overnight, will not damage your phone. It may effect your battery life but not your phone. I'm a heavy user of email, web and phone. I almost always put it on the charger when I goto bed and I will top it off periodically during the day.
    There are a couple posts on here regarding battery optimization.
    My suggestion would be to read those. I almost always purchase a spare battery. I haveny gotten mine for my pearl yet, but I have to save things for my wife to get me for xmas

    Good luck!

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    Re: The 5-Hour Question

    The word I got from the guys at BB corp the other night is that its ok to charge it overnight. However, you should set the auto-on/off to turn the phone off for at least a couple hours. I have mine set to turn off at 3 and turn back on at 7. This way it lets the phone reaquire signals and all that jazz.


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