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hi all! i'm a newbie from manila, philippines. i got a blackberry pearl a week ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Thumbs up thank you pinstack!


    hi all!

    i'm a newbie from manila, philippines.

    i got a blackberry pearl a week ago and, after some misgivings, plunged head on and subscribed to bb service. my bb was activated last sunday afternoon.

    so far, i've managed to download some themes, install yahoo messenger, enroll email accounts. i also managed to delete the bb messenger which came pre-installed with my unit! and what a nightmare that proved to be, as the bb messenger software available for download on the internet is version 1.01.94, while the one for the pearl is 4.2.0. the result? the bb messenger icon cannot be seen on the icon list, but if i check the applications list, it is there. i learned this information much later, of course, and only after i scoured the net for possible solutions. thank goodness for google. and for pinstack, which came up again and again in my searches.

    and so here i went for possible answers. apparently, some others had experienced the same problem but proposed various solutions.

    and the solution for my missing blackberry icon? re-install the OS! along the way, i learned that i can even download the OS from another carrier (i had no choice actually, as my carrier here has not yet uploaded the software for the pearl). now, the bb messenger is back on the icon list again! yey! props to cherrichiodo for the patience and links on the proper way to upgrade my OS.

    now, my only problem is the expected increase in my next phone bill! cheers!

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    Re: thank you pinstack!

    im glad you got it working! welcome to the stacks

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    Re: thank you pinstack!

    True cherri rocks!
    Been a long while since last login. Sorry all, adjusting to a new life is great and hell at the same time!!

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    Re: thank you pinstack!

    Cherri FTW! -Aber <3

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