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is this a fault or just me , when i send text or recieve it ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    text messaging


    is this a fault or just me , when i send text or recieve it shows+4407******* number not then name so its bhard who to tell has sent me message , is there away to fix this

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    Re: text messaging

    update your address book numbers to match those you see in the text messages.
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    Re: text messaging

    What service provider do you have?if you have tmo, do you myfaves? And what software version do you have?

    If you have tmobile and myfaves check your software. You might need to upgrade it!~via BB (

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    Re: text messaging

    Check your SIM card settings. Go to (Settings/Tolls -->) Options --> Advanced Options --> SIM Card. The Phone Number entry should be your phone number. If it's not, simply Click the wheel or Menu button and select Edit SIM Phone Number. This is the number that appears on the Phone's screen as My Number: - maybe it's used there too!

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    Re: text messaging

    check the contact in the address book and see if it has the 1 + area code etc., the number you are seeing is how it appears on the incoming caller id on the phone. sometimes the phone does not recognize the contact unless it matches up perfectly.

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