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I just bought my blackberry pearl about a week ago, and out of the box ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    text message slowdown


    I just bought my blackberry pearl about a week ago, and out of the box everything was so fast. text messaging was a snap. Now, after I have upgraded to the most recent at&t package (101 i think) and installed a few necessary apps and themes, it seems that my bb has slowed down when doing text messaging. Most notably when I got to look up the symbols using the symbols key, it takes a ridiculously long time for the menu for all of the symbols to pop up. I'm wondering if this might be a memory issue, although i deleted all of the extraneous language apps and such that i wouldn't want. I also have a 2gig microSD card, so if people think of any apps i should throw on there, that would be great.

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    Re: text message slowdown

    so your bb is slower but you wanna add more apps? How many apps and themes did you add already? Os version 101 is the newest but it's not at&t, 96 is the newest for them. I personally only wanna update the os for my carrier. Try removing the themes and apps you added and then add them back to see if any one is causing it.

    BTW: You can't install apps on a microSD card if that's what you meant.

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    Re: text message slowdown

    Mine does this also. I usually solved it by re-setting the phone with a battery pull. When was the last time you did a battery pull? Do you have any applications running in the background? That could slow it down.

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