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My message folder shows my outlook express email and text messages. My email folder just ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Text message notification


    My message folder shows my outlook express email and text messages.

    My email folder just shows the outlook express emails.

    I check my email during the day also on my office computer. The text is only on my phone. Is there a way to figure out whether I have a new text message on my BB without scrolling thru the email one by one looking for a text message? I get very few text messages and a lot of email.

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    Re: Text message notification

    Ephailey, the way your messages are showing up in the folders is normal. An easy way to tell that you have a new text message in your Messages folder is that the text message envelope is slightly angled and should stick out stick out visually. If you hit the space button in the messages folder, it will quickly scroll through the messages so you can visually pick out the text messages quicker.

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    Re: Text message notification

    Another way, and probably easier is to create a short cut filter in you Messages App to show only incoming SMS messages. There maybe one already created for you. To check:

    1. Open the Message App
    2. Open the Menu
    3. Select Search
    4. Open the Menu
    5. Select Recall
    6. Check for one named SMS
    7. if it is there, Check to see if there is a letter in parantheses at the end
      • If there is then you can use that with the ALT key when ever entering the Message list
      • If not you can edit it and add a short cut key and do the same thing.

    Now when you press this in the message list it will show just your SMS messages.
    Hope this helps
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