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Hi guys, Ive been trying to connect to the inet via my pearl. Ive read ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Tethered modem problem for 8100


    Hi guys,

    Ive been trying to connect to the inet via my pearl. Ive read few posts, but i seem to be getting stuck at the stage where i need to add a modem. Im running DTM 4.2.1 r13 with OS

    Laptop is XP pro sp2

    Most places Ive read say that the standard modem (with the RIM com port) should be there, but it isnt in my case. I go ahead to add it manually, and the only options are: comms cable btwn 2 PCs and parallelcable btwn 2 PCs. Ive tried the comms one, added it as a modem, inputted the extra init commands (in my case, Ive put as my APN i think thatll work?).

    Now when i go to add the network connection, it keeps giving me the default PC modem and no option to change modems. In DTM, theres a com port available but its the default PC one not any of the RIM ones (Hope Im making sense).

    Im with T-mobile (UK), I hope that anyone out there can help me!

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: Tethered modem problem for 8100

    Do you have desktop manager installed, and are the drivers installed for your BB? Have you made any progress with this?

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